Hello, world

Welcome to my official blog!

I'm super excited about this. I tried to start a blog a couple years ago, barely posted, and eventually I just started using it to keep up with all of the other blogs that I follow. My lack of consistent posts can be partly blamed on not liking blogspot's blogging format (technology is not always my friend, wordpress is much easier for me), and not entirely knowing who I was in regards to photography. Getting a new blog solves nothing about the latter- I still don't have everything figured out photography wise, but since the start of college I have found much clearer goals that I'm working towards right now. At the moment I'm just content with focusing on growing as an artist and producing lots of work as I find my aesthetic... making this blog was one of those steps. I love blogs. I like that even if someone's blog posts aren't intensely personal, you can still get a good idea of who that person is, and what they're about. I'm not a very outgoing person, but I hope that over time this blog will start to tell a little about me. So keep following if you want! I'll be posting client shoots, personal art projects, and everything in between on here from now on!

Gabrielle and Michael's wedding will be the first to be blogged...  check back on monday!