Photo related updates

It's already been a week or so since my last blog post! I'm finally getting back into the busy and crazy rhythm at school, and didn't even notice that February had crept up on me. Thanks to taking a very demanding painting class for an elective this semester, my days and nights have been filled with making oil paintings. That class + 3 others hasn't left a whole lot of room for much of anything lately, but there's just something therapeutic about pushing paint around on a palette so I don't mind it too much. Anyway, in December I bought two things photo related that have turned out to be super helpful and I don't know how I didn't get them sooner!

1. Photo adventuring boots. Gone are the days of wearing flimsy flats on shoots and getting stuck in the thorns. I picked up these sturdy, leather combat boots for a couple dollars in a Michigan thrift store and my feet have been thanking me ever since. When I wear them I feel kind of like a 90's grunge punk and it's awesome.

2. A custom stamp. I've been needing something to stamp on photo packages, so at the beginning of winter break I designed a little logo for myself and placed an order for a 1.5x3 inch stamp. My mom used to be into stamping, so I dug into our boxes of stamp supplies and pulled out our dusty embossing kit. I love how the silver embossing looks and I can't wait to stamp it all over the packages for my shoots coming up this year!

2011 was my biggest learning year so far, and there are some shots from it that I really love. So stay tuned, because that post will be coming soon!