Happy National Camera Day!

Happy National Camera Day! The new camera I ordered came in the mail yesterday, so I was definitely celebrating! I have been searching high and low and longing after Medium Format cameras for the past year, and after a lot of contemplating I settled on this beauty. All of the parts seem to be in working order, and the shutter clicks so beautifully. I'm going to do a test roll on it as soon as my film comes in the mail, and if it works then I'll be learning how to make a darkroom with the help of my dad and boyfriend. It will be thrilling to see an image all the way through the process from the loading of the film, to the developing and rinsing. And NO sitting in front of a computer involved is a big plus. I've worked with 35mm film a lot, but never 120mm, so it will be cool to be able to develop all of my black and white film from now on. In the fall I'll be taking a film class back at college, so I'm looking forward to playing around with it before I'm back in classroom setting. Meet my new Yashica-A!

What you see when you look down the viewfinder.