Second Year of College Updates

Yesterday I moved back to school into my new apartment, so this whole past week has been a crazy flurry of things. Not having internet set up yet has given the word productivity a new meaning, and I can't say that I miss all of the distractions... I still can't figure out how to close the old blinds that are installed in the windows, and just from looking out a few times I can already recognize a pattern of alley smokers. There's a church bell tower nearby that chimes out beautiful hymns every few hours. I'm also figuring out how few things you can eat without a can opener and a microwave. All of that said, I've really been enjoying getting into the swing of things, and I really am so excited to start all of the photo classes that start up tomorrow. Blog posts might be slow for a little while until I get internet, but here's a medium format preview from my friend's bridal portraits that I shot before I left-