Caleb's Curiosities | Portraits

Never stop being a kid. Never stop feeling and seeing,

and being excited with great things like air and engines,

and sounds of sunlight within you.

- Richard Bach

"Caleb's Curiosities" was an ongoing project last semester for one of my photo classes, and the final that was turned in was a 12x12 hardcover book. My little brother is an excitable boy who will usually first talk to you first with dinosaur grunts before saying anything else, and he has a growing penchant for collecting all things miniature, strange, and eclectic. The fourth picture from the bottom is of the remains of a huge birds nest that he spent 2 years building, and it's just one of the many curious things that have occupied his mind. It makes me sad to think that in a couple years he might cross over the threshold and these things won't be fascinating anymore, so it's partly my sense of nostalgia that motivates me to constantly photograph him.