Golden Girl | Editorial

Model: Boglarka Vizy Katie (Boglarka) is my roommate that I've shared an apartment with for the past year in RVA. We actually met on craigslist, which sounds totally creepy, but I saw her ad for a VCU roommate and after meeting, we just clicked! Despite me being a very stressed out art school hermit for 60% of the time, she put up with me, and living with her and her cat for my first year at college was awesome. Lots of fun cooking, avocado eating, bad landlords, and weird experiences (a couple days after I moved in the hurricane hit and our apartment lost power for almost a week)! She helped me out with so many of my projects and as a psych major, offered awesome advice and perspectives.

We talked about this shoot all year, and finally shot it a week before I moved out. I have had this stunning black dress sitting in the back of my closet for a couple years, and it turned out it looked like it was made for Katie- it flattered her so beautifully and showed off her new back tattoo. This shoot was a fun culmination of everything that was the school year, and gave a nice solid ending to the Mattizy household era.